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2015年1月  Januari 2015

Saturday 31 January
 Today was a fine day. I did do my work in the morning. After that, I walked from Amstelveen that I live in to Amsterdam.  I went along Beneluxbaan up to north. That was my first time. Snow remained iced. And it was hard to walk on ice.  That was dangerous. Beneluxbaan has lots of big trees along the road. Around Zuid station has big buildings. And I discovered that there are a lot of shops. I bought a sandwich in Kiosk and ate it on bench in front of buildings. Then I could refresh my mind.

Friday 30 January
  Today was the last school day of January. We had only three classes in the morning. Then students went to home at 12:05 pm by school bus. School staffs had a time for study about  the education of Holland. We went to National Education Exhibition at Utrecht city by our staff's car. We saw lots kind of educational material and books. But regrettably we could not quite speak and read Dutch.  It was happy for me that some people asked me in English and I told to them in English a little.

Thursday 29 January
 The weather was bad. It snowed and rained, and it hailed at night. The road was slippery and walking was hard. I started to go to BLTC at 6:30 pm from my work. I took a break in a Kebab shop to eat supper.Then, I arrived at BLTC earlier than time. But some people were already coming there. We told some thing each other. After the class, our teacher Alan and classmates were talking by Whatsapp. I thought that they are good speaker of English. I want to learn English more.

Wednesday 28 January
 It was the skate-day in my Japanese school. It was the second time this winter. After two subjects, we went to Jaap Eden ice rink from our school by bus. Students and staff have enjoyed ice skating. But I was tired, so I forgot my camera in a seat of our bus that return to school. After the bus had gone, I perceived that. Then I called the company of the bus, and I got back my camera in this afternoon.  

Tuesday 27 January
 There was an English class from 8 pm. It was the third night. During that class, I wrote my telephone number on a white paper. I wondered why it was only telephone number.  I thought it is better to write e-mail address too.  But afterward, I understood that reason. The telephone number is used to send 'whatsapp' to each mobile phone. I downloaded that application on my iphone next morning.

Monday 26 January
 Today, It was a sleepy day for me. Because it was work day, and next day of the new year party. Early in the evening, my colleague and real estate manager and I looked for a home for a new teacher who will come in April. The house we looked at today is very good thing. It has three bed rooms and two toilets and garden, terrace. I think that if I were new comer I want to live in such house.

Sunday 25 January
 We had a new year party of Tohoku-region  today.  I ate Japanese traditional foods like Japanese rice cake and soba too much. And I drank some beer and talked with people who came from Iwate-prefecture that is my home country.  It was rare happy time to meet my countrymen.   

Saturday 24 January
 Snow fell in around my house Amstelveen for the first time this season.   In the morning, the ground was covered with snow.  Children who live near here were playing on the road. They touched snow and made snow balls. The snow almost melted by noon. In afternoon, I went to walk around the city. A cold wind blew, but I could refresh my mind.

Friday 23 January
 It was pretty cold today. I saw the ice on the canal. The temperature would be below zero today all day. But, young children went outside of school building, playing actively. I don't believe that. It was weekend long-expected. I and my wife drank beer at home at night.

Thursday 22 January
 Today I was very busy at work. I had to write lots of documents, and send E-mails. And I told to my colleague about work. Then I couldn't eat supper. I was almost late for English class. After class, I went back to my home, and ate Udon noodle before going to bed.

Wednesday 21 January
 Dutch students came to my Japanese school today. They and our students made cultural exchange.One of them tried to practice Japanese calligraphy. Japanese students taught that Chinese characters have an order to write.  Dutch students were impressed with that.

Tuesday 20 January
 I started a new English lesson at BTLC. I joined to English 4 course. Allan is our teacher. He is from Manchester UK. I heard that his wife is Japanese. The time of lesson is from 8 p,m,to 10p,m,. It is late for me a little. But I want to make an effort to learn English.

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vrijdag 30
 あっという間に月末。本日研修のため通常業務は午前で終了。ユトレヒトまで車を乗り合わせて、NOT(National Education Exhibition) というイベントを見に行った。広大な展示場の中に、教材や教育機器、その他教育関係の企業や団体のブースが並んでおり、そこで品物を見て触れて、説明を聞いたり、品物を買ったりすることができた。ところどころに試供品やさまざまなプレゼントがもらえるブースもあった。2年に1度行われるというこの展示会はたしかに興味深かったが、すべてオランダ語であるという点で、我々の世界とは遠くかけ離れているように見えた。しかし、気軽に声をかけてくる人たちもいて英語で会話をすると少しはおもしろくコミュニケーションが取れたので、自分としては良い機会だった。いろいろな物をもらってきたが、それを目当てに行く程度ではあまりにもったいない。せっかく子どもの幸福度世界一と言われる国に来ているのだから、そこから何を学んで帰るかが、問われているのではないか。

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