2015年3月 March 2015

Monday 30 March

My wife and I got up early, and we went to the “FloraHolland” in Aalsmeer. At 7:00 o'clock, some tourists were already there. This is the biggest facility of the world for trading flowers. According to the brochure, 20,000 different varieties of flowers and plants are auctioned at “FloraHolland”. I was amazed that many people were handling in all directions the cart for carrying flowers and plants. And all auctions are operated by computers. I thought that Holland's flowers agriculture is the cutting edge of the world.

Sunday 29 March
Today, Daylight saving time started. When I got up in the morning, I looked at time in my smart phone. And I felt a little strange. But I guess that it will be normal. I think that the daylight saving time is very good system for the many people. Because, we can spend of the time after working usefully by the grace of it. For example, doing sports, relaxing, learning something, having fun with family or friends. Then, I want to bring in this system to Japan.

Saturday 28 March
At half past 10 p.m., my wife and I got home from the travel. I had to call to my vice-principal. Reporting getting home is our rule. It was too late, but I phoned him and reported that we have got home. The travel was very good experience. But during the travel, in Alps mountains, an airplane crashed. I thought that reporting is an important thing at work.

Friday 27 March
Munich is the capital city of Bayern state, Germany. It was my first time that I visit Germany. I visited to the “Residenz” in Munich’s city center. It was once the city castle of the Bavarian dukes, princes, and emperors. We looked that there was the huge rooms decorated gorgeous. I didn't know a history of Germany. And I felt European countries have great heritages.

Thursday 26 March
Through this journey, I had found that there are lots of beautiful places like the world heritages in European countries. Their countries have not only good views but long long history. I think it is history of many war and people who fought for their freedom. And I feel the power of a will that people shield their culture and religion. I think that Japanese people can learn how to make a good society from European way.

Wednesday 25 March
At 11:30, we left Wien by train, and we got to Salzburg at about 14:30. From train's window, we saw the Alps mountains covered with snow. I haven't seen such mountains for a long time. I remembered that there are such mountains in my home country too, but height isn't so high.
I think Europe has a rich nature, and it is also fortunate thing for the human culture.

Tuesday 24 March
At 9:25, we left Budapest, Hungary by train. And I got to Bratislava, Slovakia, at about 12:30. We walked around the old city of Bratislava, and went to Wien, Austria, by bus. In this travel, we use trains three times and bus one time. And time to stay in one city is too short. We could take only about one week holiday. Then, we decided that we would go to as many cities as possible in this holiday.
 For European people, it might be an eccentric thing. But we can't take holiday like to go abroad normally. We are very lucky, because, in March, we can't take any holiday in Japan. I hope this custom will be changed in Japan.

Monday 23 March
In Budapest, we walked around the old city. There is the Royal Palace in a top of a mountain. Then, we can see from other side of the Danube river. It had very nice view at daytime and it was very beautiful at night too. I like the night view than a day, because we can see the reflection of light on the river. In this travel, we walked almost 20,000 steps per a day. I enjoyed walking, because I prefer to walk on the unknown city, but my wife was a little tired for a long walk.

Sunday 22 March
 My wife and I started the travel to Central Europe by airplane. First, we visited to Budapest, Hungary. We got in the bus from the airport to the hotel. Around our hotel, I felt the air was so dusty in car's exhaust gas. So, my first impression of Hungary was not good. But when we are walking alongside of the Danube river, we looked at many beautiful old buildings. Then, I felt better than the first. It was night, and we enjoyed a night view along the Danube.

Saturday 21 March
 I was almost in my house. And I was doing something about work and prepared to travel.
In the afternoon, I went to the laundry near my house with my wife to take my clothes . In the laundry, I saw the machine of taking clothes automatically for the first time. It was operated by computer and we can take clothes anytime.If there is a member card, it is very convenience system.

Friday 20 March
In the afternoon, I went to a street near my school on foot. I saw that many children were doing something around a tree on the alley. And many men and women had been surrounded with them. I thought that they were parents. I had something on my chest, I approached them. I asked an old man what is this activity. He told me that it was the 90 years anniversary special event of "Het Winterkoninkje montessorischool". Children were playing their musical instruments with teacher's conducting. The old man I asked was a former teacher. So he said that he let me meet the principal of this school. I met that mistress and promised to come for a visit once again soon. It was a splendid day.

Thursday 19 March
 Four colleagues of our school and their family went back to Japan today's morning. We went to Schiphol airport and said good-bye to them. They fly to Tokyo, Japan via Helsinki, Finland. And they will arrive at Narita airport on 20th March. We owe them gratitude, because they had given lots of benefits to our students and school government. I hope they will be around as a center in their new school. And I want to do the best from new term too, without them.

Wednesday 18 March
 Today is a happy day to us, Japanese school staffs. Because my last student who took entrance exam to high-school passed. Then, every student in my class have passed their entrance exam. It is very good thing to their junior class students. I prepared a letter that I have to send to high-school. Now, I finished the work that I have to do in this school year.

Tuesday 17 March
 It was St. Patrick's day. This holiday is celebrated every year on March 17th, honoring the Irish saint, Patrick. In a class of BLTC, I learned the history of the word “pub” from Alan. “pub” is from “public house” that sold beer. After I finished a class of BLTC, my wife and I went to the Irish pub in Leidseplein. There were a lot of green balloon inside the pub. And there were many people who wearing a green something like a hat and a shirt. I told with a man who wearing a green shirt. He was Korean, but he spoke Japanese very well.

Monday 16 March
 It was the end day of our school year. There was a ceremony of giving a school report to the students. Next of that ceremony, there was other ceremony for the teachers who leave their position. Four teachers had spoken their thought each, and a student leader of primary school spoke to them. I was impressed that he was crying during the speech.

Sunday 15 March
 It was a cold day. We, co-workers who came one year ago had a lunch party at the restaurant in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. And we had celebrated that our work have ended one year with peace. And in this April, new staff will come to our school. We told each other that we will welcome them sincerely. Arrangement for the reception of them is our work. I would like to do it as we had be done.

Saturday 14 March
 There was a time that I can use free. Then, I went to some computer shops today. Because my computer does not work and I want to buy new one. But, It is difficult to choose a good computer. I thought that there is few kinds of computer. I saw a lot of computers, but I did'nt buy anything.

Friday 13 March

 We had a graduation ceremony. And my students had left from this school. I gave a CD -rom entering some poems, letters, and writings to the students. Next, I gave good poems that I choose to our students each. And I wrote a new poem at a blackboard of my class. The poem is included the titles of the poems I gave to the students. It was a my final challenge to teach something good to our students.

Thursday 12 March
 This is the day before the graduation ceremony. We rehearsed the ceremony. And I gave a letters and report cards to the students. In Japanese school, we say that a graduation ceremony is a last lesson of our students. I hope that the ceremony is going to be best lesson to the students.Then, I was absent from a class of BLTC tonight for preparation of the ceremony.

Wednesday 11 March
 Today is the 4th anniversary of the Higashinihon great earthquake of 2011. In my school, there was an assembly and the principal made a speech to the students about the earthquake, disaster prevention. And all staff and students made a silent prayer.
 The damage of tsunami was huge, but I can not forget the damage of the accident of the atomic power plant in Fukushima. I think it was a man-made, government-made disaster.
 My hometown is near the disaster area but not near the sea. Then, My family and I had no damage. Though, I am thinking about the disaster, life of human, and politics and so on since that earthquake.

Tuesday 10 March
 Today, I was absent from a class of BLTC. Because I was busy to prepare for a graduation ceremony. I had to write a report cards and check diplomas. And I made the last letter giving to my students. And there was a difficult thing to choose poems for students. Then, I Thought of the idea that I give a CD entered the poems and school letters. I thought that it was hard work but it had very much worth.

Monday 9 March
 Every week, I distributed a letter for students and their parents. I write some messages in the letter. And I introduced a Japanese poem. That is my style of my class's letter. Yesterday, one of my student's mother send me an e-mail. She wrote that parents of my class want to give poems to each student in graduation day friday. I think it is a nice idea, but it is very hard to me. It worries me that I have to choose poems.

Sunday 8 March
 It was a sunny day today. And I felt that the temperature was up to fifteen degrees in afternoon. The many sprouts of crocus were putting out from the ground. The scene was very beautiful. There isn't a scene like that in my home country. In Japan, adonis is putting out in spring. We call adonis “fukuju-so” It means “happiness-plant”.

Saturday 7 March

 I got up late, because the last night I drank a lot of beer and had a lot of food until late night. I had to send e-mails to my students who were in Japan to take an entrance examination. The one of them will take an examination next week at last. And unfortunately, he can't take part in the graduation ceremony. I encouraged to do his best in an examination by e-mail.
 Afternoon, my wife and I went to IKEA, and we bought a dish and a toilet brush. Because my wife broke a dish several weeks ago, and because I broke a brush last week.

Friday 6 March
There were a Farewell party to our colleagues who will go back to Japan this month. The party was at a Chinese restaurant in Amstelveen centre. Our school's directors and native Dutch teachers also took part in this party. At the party, it was good to eat delicious food. But there were a small problem. There were four round tables in the room. In the back table, the colleagues who leave Holland and our directors were seated. And in a next table, vice principals and the directors and teachers who have worked for many years were seated. In a third table, Dutch teachers and English teachers were seated. And in a front table, teachers who work short time like me were seated. The latter part of the party, the one of Dutch teachers told me It was such a pity that these seats were no good, because we couldn't exchange each other enough. I also thought so.

Thursday 5 March
 I was busy in this daytime. But I finished my work early, and after I went back to my home and I went to BLTC. Going to English class from my home is very comfortable, because I can change my clothes to cozy clothes. But today I was not good at listen to English and I couldn't think carefully. For example, when I listen to English in CD, I couldn't concentrate my mind to a sound. Then I almost couldn't answer. There was a time, but my mind was a little tired.

Wednesday 4 March
 Our students finished a work of a relief. It looks so fine. This relief is a memory of their graduation. It is carved of the lyrics of our school song. A caretaker in our school who had been working there 35 years told me that these students are serious workers and they made it so quickly than he has thought. I feel proud of our students.

Tuesday 3 March
Today, I took my computer from my home to my school, because my computer in the office didn't work from yesterday. Thanks to my computer, I could finish my work before six o'clock. Then I went home back and changed my clothes. After I ate supper, I could go to BLTC. It was first time that I could go from my home. In the next week, we will take a graduation ceremony in my school. I will take charge of the ninth grade class. I'm thinking that I want to make something remain in memory of students.

Monday 2 March
 There is something wrong with my computer in my office today. I couldn't connect to a server, and I checked some part of the computer. But it couldn't be improved at all. I asked to my colleagues that problem. They tried to do any things. I thanked them for their kindness, but they couldn't repair my computer. Tomorrow, I have to work without a computer, or I have to borrow it from any one. I felt too bad.

Sunday 1 March
 Today is the first day of March, so it is spring. The wind was little cold, but sun shine was very warm. Season is changing surely. Spring has come! My wife and I went a movie theatre “Pathe the Munt” The theatre is fairly near by BLTC. And we watched a movie “interstellar” . It was the first movie I watched in Holland. The film had many beautiful scenes of space. I couldn't catch 85 percent English words, but I almost understood that story. I think it was the best film made in last year for me. Absolutely, I want to watch the film again with subtitle in Japanese.